Time telling game - Eeboo

Time telling game - Eeboo

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For ages 5 and up

2 to 4 players

Includes score pads, time cards, and clock mats

Directions included

Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award

This well-designed game will get kids up to speed on telling time. Players move the arms on their own clock faces to show the time described on cards. It is especially good for correlating analog and digital representations of time as well as wording like "half past" and "quarter to." Cards are color coded for the progression of skills in learning to tell time; each color representing time to the hour, the half hour, the quarter hour, in five-minute intervals, or for all sixty minutes. Points are awarded for setting clocks to the correct time, as well as for correcting clocks to the specified time, making playing a reinforcement of time telling skills.

What time is it? It's time to play!

You'll learn to read a clock, OK?

Pick the time and set the hands,

(more challenging as skill demands.)

Check the answer and proceed

The answer cards help you succeed.

You play to learn the whole clock's face.

And once you've learned, the game's a race!