Canopy for Bed - Muba

Canopy for Bed - Muba

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Muba is a family-run business founded in 1976 and that creates and produces rooms for children and children to fully grow and enjoy in the best environment.

The company produces with personalized processes, selecting the best quality and taking care of every single detail to make each room unique, dealing with custom-made rooms using special colors and very welcoming.

Reservation available - delivery in 6/8 weeks

Adaptable to any Bed, Nido Bed, Block Bed or Movil Bed. Always ordered in conjunction with the chosen Bed, since the Bed needs to be prepared with the necessary drills.

The skeleton of the bed is in solid beech wood, the panels are in MDF of excellent quality lacquered on all sides.

for mattress size 90x190 cm

Total dimensions with canopy: l 200x p 101x h 186 cm

Also available for the bed with mattress size 90 x 200 cm, 105 cm x 190, 105 x 200 cm, 120 cm x 190, 120 x 200 cm.

Available in every colour.