ELEMENTARI Light - F2 lab

ELEMENTARI Light - F2 lab

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Five hanging or floor lamps inspired by the five years of elementary school. ​ Each lamp is made up of an enameled metal structure and a lining in fireproof and washable white elastic fabric, a fabric cable and a white or colored lamp- holder. The design of the structure of the five lamps follows the lines of the notebooks from the first to the fifth year of school. The semitransparent white lining reveals the pattern of lines and squares when the lamp is lit or when the lamp is off. Five white cubes, five pages in our memory that adapt to any type of environment, home, office or public places and that awaken an image present in the unconscious of each of us through their design.

Dimension 1: 21x21x21 cm

Dimension 2: 30x21x21 cm