Chestnut paper origami lampshade

Chestnut paper origami lampshade

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This lampshade has a cornered outside and a curved inside. The curved inside is quite unexpected. Just like the first time you open a chestnut and see that it is very round and curved on the inside. This lampshade is folded with utmost precision out of 1 piece of special FSC paper of the type Butterfly. The strong folds and curved folds on the inside play with the light. The dimensions of this lampshade are: -18 cm / 7 inch height; -28 cm / 11 inch diameter. These lampshades are for use with an energy-saving lightbulb or LED lightbulb only. You can find these in any supermarket. If you use an energy-saving lightbulb of maximum 11 Watt, then it's completely safe to use this lampshades.

  • h 18cm x 28 cm diametro
  • FSC certified paper of the type Butterfly,orcelain socket, textile cord of 1,5 metre length