Mattress 'Ondine' - Ettomio

Mattress 'Ondine' - Ettomio

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The anti-mite mattress: breathe the night!

High resilience and breathability. Recommended by the Italian Association of Physiotherapists. A truly perfect and perfectly healthy mattress. The internal flap of the natural 'matarasso' mattress is based on vegetable oils and coming from renewable resources. The mattress has been designed by ectomio to be healthy and breathable: thanks to the internal open cell foam, breathability is guaranteed. A mattress with an ideal microclimate for a regenerating rest: no humidity is formed and the air passing through the pores creates inhospitable ground for mites and bacteria. The outer lining is padded with a cotton fabric and silver zeolites: a precious and proven material that allows you to keep mites and bacteria away.

Main features: the 'ondine' mattress is ergonomic (adapts to the child's body), resilient (gradually returns the weight received, so it is very comfortable even for us adults who fall asleep next to them :)), antibacterial, anti-mite, breathable , hypoallergenic and light.

The lining (with fully removable zip) is made of cotton and silver zeolites that perform a proven antibacterial and anti-mite function, with a small percentage of high quality polyester to give more elasticity to the fabric.

Available in sizes: 120x60, 140x70, 160x80, 190x80

Mattress height including cover 14 cm

Can't find the size you want? Contact us and we will customize it for you Maintenance instructions

Mattress: Ventilate periodically. In case it gets wet, just clean it with a damp cloth and a natural detergent trying to pat as much as possible and let it dry well in the air.

Lining: wash gently at 30 ° max.

Product made in Italy

The internal foam technology is from nearby Bavaria (technology called "Navaro") and has obtained important certifications, including environmental ones (C.A.R.M.E.N. association for renewable resources) for the eco-sustainable production model.

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