Wallpaper magnetic with giraffes

Wallpaper magnetic with giraffes

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Length 63.5 cm Height 265 cm Vinyl base surface, with iron particles to make it magnetic


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The Magnetic wallpaper with giraffe print is ideal for making the bedroom of children a playful and cheerful place!

It is an alternative and more spacious than the classic magnetic board. To have a wallpaper of Groovy Magnets means recreating a wall to be customized to your liking. Your children will be fascinated by the beauty of their favorite animal!

This paper adhesive wallpaper, depicting a giraffe, it has a vinyl surface with iron particles. In addition to decorate, in fact, the paper magnetic wallpaper, allows you to hang with the magnets, paper, post-it notes, drawings, photographs, business cards and all that you want. Included in the kit of the magnetic stikers to hang at the pleasure of your children. < / P>

It can be applied on any smooth and clean surface using a common glue wallpaper. Before applying the base, make sure that the surface is flat and dry, as well as very solid. The glue must be spread on the back of the paper and press once applied with a dry cloth.

Finally, please note that this giraffe wallpaper is easily washable with the use of a damp cloth.

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