Happy Hipster Christmas

Happy Hipster Christmas

From 01/12/2018

Up to 25/12/2018

Christmas arrives when it arrives... and we officially start on December 1st!

A great party, an opportunity to have a chat in person, start shopping on time and see our new Christmas set up. For this 2018, the Renna Day has evolved and from Rudolph some time ago, comes to bother him: Santa Claus.

A Santa Claus who, however, is affected by the times, in the ways and habits ... in short, a thread Hipster.
Our guests, with live set up in the morning and then in the afternoon with dedicated workshop, Lorenzo Naia and Roberta Rossetti, in art, respectively, the male nanny and the T-Rex polka dots. Here is a short interview to get to know them better.

My name is Lorenzo Naia, I studied psychology and communication and worked for many years with children and young people. Today I deal with books, events for families, creative projects for brands and companies and... of my blog latatamaschio.it!

I am Roberta Rossetti, illustrator and set designer. I graduated from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and then attended a two-year course in Illustration and Comics at the Pictor Academy. I run drawing courses and image education workshops. My works can be seen on the website robertarossetti.it.

It's them, the fil rouge, the drawings and the elegant Giant Advent Calendar, which will live for 24 days on our windows in Via Salmini, 4. The workshop, divided into sessions of drawing and decoration on the theme, will be a continuous cycle, from 15 to 17.30, for all children and all those who, like us, in the end, have not grown up so much.

What are you doing, come by and see us?