Nursery top Wood - Oliver Furniture

Nursery top Wood - Oliver Furniture

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Oliver Furniture creates wooden furniture for the modern family that is constantly evolving.

The company made sure that just a few small changes were needed to make a single bed into a bunk bed, or that it could be converted into a simple, modern sofa. The products are tested to last for several generations. The style is based on a simple, handcrafted and high quality aesthetic, based on an unmistakable Nordic design.

All Oliver Furniture lines are FSC-certified, which means that they have been proven to come from European crops under sustainable conditions.


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This Wood changing table top is designed as a complement to the Wood chest of drawers with 6 drawers.

Beautifully carved, it easily transforms the chest of drawers into a changing table, which looks good in both children's rooms and master bedrooms. The chest of drawers' 6 spacious drawers are suitable for everything from nappies to muslin cloths and clothes.

The rounded edges of the nursery top and the generous amount of space create a comfortable, changing environment, with room for movement and play, as well as the important intimate contact between baby and parent. The top is easily and securely mounted to the chest of drawers with catches, designed to securely grip the edge of the furniture. Once the top is no longer required it can be easily removed and leaves the chest of drawers plain and usable for many years to come.

The top is available in 2 sizes, covering half or the entire surface of the Wood chest of drawers: the small one is designed to contain a single changing cushion, while the larger one can accommodate up to two. With discreet edges, both the small and large plates create visual harmony when combined with the chest of drawers.

Dimensions: small  67 × h 9 × d 76.5 cm

big: 118 cm × h 9 cm × d 76.5 cm

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