Changing table - Sebra

Changing table - Sebra

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A functional, safe and classic changing table, without unwanted chemicals and with a long life in the bedroom, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere else in the house. The Sebra changing table with drawers is a changing table that can be easily transformed into a classic storage unit when there is no longer a need for a changing table. The top lid is closed at the rear and side and has a raised edge with small round bars, which help to give the changing table the characteristic look for which The Sebra Bed is so well known and loved. The top cover (internal dimensions) has a depth of 66cm and a width of 69cm, which leaves room for a changing table and other necessities needed for diaper change, change of clothes. The two drawers allow you to store clothes, diapers, toys or other essential items. The drawers are equipped with a "soft close", which makes the drawers close gently. This minimizes the risk of fingers getting trapped. The practical transformation from changing table to storage unit is obtained simply by removing the changing table from the base. This feature makes it unnecessary to store or disassemble the entire changing table when temporarily not needed or when a changing table is no longer needed. This gives the changing table an extra long life and ensures a product that can grow with children or siblings, a piece of furniture that is easily passed on. The fronts are equipped with notched handles which, together with the rounded corners of the cabinet, help improve safety in your child's room because there are no sharp edges or edges. The changing table has four legs, which ensures a simpler and less solid appearance than a changing table without legs. The changing table is designed for babies from birth up to 12 months / 11 kg. The paint used for the changing table is organic and non-toxic, it has been tested and complies with the tolerances of the European standard EN71-2, EN 71-3 - series of standards for the safety of toys. At the same time, The Sebra Changing Unit also complies with EN 717-1: 2004, which concerns the maximum permissible formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels. The changing table was designed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe. Care and cleaning: Clean with a cloth wrung out in warm soapy water. Always use a soft cloth to avoid scratching and always wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners, bleach or sharp objects for cleaning. Dimensions: 70x75x102 cm

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