Bunk bed Kili - Benlemi

Bunk bed Kili - Benlemi

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4- 5 settimane

Do you have two children and want to offer them a magical space for both sleeping and playing together?

Take the KILI house-shaped bunk bed, handmade and made of the highest quality solid wood and make your children happy.

You can choose between two different sizes: 217cm x 99cm x 207cm or 217cm x 99cm x 227cm.

Under the highest bunk bed you can place a drawer with toys, extra pillows and duvets or some seasonal clothes.

For this bed, we recommend purchasing mattresses with a height of 18 cm so that the bed is as comfortable as possible.

Please also note that the upper bed is intended for children aged 6 and over.

Dimension: 217 cm x 99 cm x h 207-227 cm

Mattress size (not included): 200x 90x18 cm

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