Tin box for chaussures products - Derriere la porte

Tin box for chaussures products - Derriere la porte

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A story of creators and creativity

The story of Derrière La Porte is a story of passion for colour, lightness and cheerfulness in everyday life. By transforming each functional element into decorative objects one has the pleasure of showing others. Find The Object that others will like...and you will like!

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To have good class at the point of the foot is important to have a beautiful, bright and well-dressed shoe!

To stay elegant like never before, no, it's not meglio del portalucidi per riporre tutti i lucidi and i panni che faranno brillare le tue scarpe.

As a matter of fact, this metallic scatola is retangolare and is made in inossidabile acciaio with a white metallic strip for food, so you can put it on your face in all tranquility. This is an interesting alternative to using plastic.

It is cracked on the scatola with a sturdy cerniera, it does not facilitate the opening, the chiusura and the hold in position, so it can be goderti and you are delicious chocolates in all tranquility.

Misura: L 24 x D 10 x H 10 cm

Material: Metallo

Pulisci con un panno umido e asciuga suddeno.