BIBS X LIBERTY Baby Bundle Eloise

BIBS X LIBERTY Baby Bundle Eloise

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The BIBS X LIBERTY "Baby Pack" is the perfect combination of products for newborns and their parents.

This delicious multipack includes:

  • Bandana bib
  • Dummy container
  • Dummy clip


Dummy clip: 100% organic cotton, nickel-free metal clip, wood

Bandana bib: 100% organic cotton

Pacifier container: container: food-grade PP, string: silicone

SAFETY AND REGULATIONS The pacifier clip complies with the European standard EN 12586+A1:2011

ATTENTION! The pacifier clip should only be used when the baby is awake and supervised by an adult. It should only be applied to clothing. It must not be used when the child is in the playpen, cot or crib. It should not be used as a toy or teether. It must not be tied around the child's neck and must not be used when the child is not supervised. Check the product carefully before each use. Replace at the first sign of damage or failure. Never stretch the pacifier holder! Do not attach any type of rope, ribbon, lace or parts of clothing.

CLEANING The pacifier clip is not dishwasher safe because it contains wooden parts and the clip is made of metal. It can be cleaned with warm water and neutral soap. Then, absorb the water from the fabric part with a towel; If the wood and metal clip are wet, dry them thoroughly. Open the metal clip and let it air dry completely. Wash with warm water and mild soap, then leave to air dry

ETHICALLY MADE PRODUCT BIBS develops its products with careful consideration for the planet and the children who will inherit it.

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