Metal Box for ear sticks - Derriere la porte

Metal Box for ear sticks - Derriere la porte

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A story of creators and creativity

The story of Derrière La Porte is a story of passion for colour, lightness and cheerfulness in everyday life. By transforming each functional element into decorative objects one has the pleasure of showing others. Find The Object that others will like...and you will like!

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Small and large illustrated boxes to make the corners of the house special and tidy. Herbal teas, biscuits, nail polish, hair clips....and again, electric cables and dad's screws!

For him when he comes out of the shower and for her when he puts on eyeliner, the sticks must always be close at hand thanks to the practical and delicious tin box for cotton swabs.

Size: Ø 8 cm x H. 10 cm

Material: Metal

Clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately.