Bumper Cucù - Ettomio

Bumper Cucù - Ettomio

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Soft natural cotton bumper To complete and make the bed even more "cuddly", the handmade bumper in raw, untreated cotton: the final touch for a special bed!

❤ available for "standard cot" or custom-made sizes

❤ made for the 2 sides (head and long side), write us to have it on the 3 sides!

❤ Handmade by our seamstress Silvia

❤ lanyards to secure it to the cot in a safe and beautiful way

Available sizes:

S: 120x60

M: 140x70

L: 160x80

B: 190x80

made to measure (write to us!)

Material: 100% pure cotton Raw hard cotton padding; 100% untreated cotton lining.

Washing: The bumper must be dry cleaned (eco). It can be put in the dryer, with a program for delicate clothes.

Like every 'ectomio' product, the bumper is made entirely in Italy, by our craftsmen and designed by the experience of a mother, who was able to combine style with functionality: even a bumper can be made in a beautiful and functional way! In addition to having a soft, untreated natural cotton filling, it has seven or more (depending on the size) ties designed to secure it securely to the cot Why choose 'Ettomio → Each product' Ettomio is made with high quality, natural and environmentally friendly raw materials → The entire supply chain is Italian, from design to processing and finalization → Details are fundamental for us: and we are not available in any way to compromise the quality of our products!

Handcrafted product

Made in Italy

Designed and made entirely in Italy

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