Evolutionary cot Juno - Sebra

Evolutionary cot Juno - Sebra

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The uniquely designed bed Sebra - Sebra has acquired the rights to the Juno bed designed by Viggo Einfeldt in 1942 and relaunched under the new name of "Sebra Bed" -cresce with your child is thanks to the extendable mechanism becomes a comfortable and practical bigger bed. From the first months of life, Sebra Bed accompanies your child up to 7 years, with the possibility in the first step of utilizing a height of higher mattress. The cot / crib has an adjustable hem and the various options allow you to continuously find new possibilities of use, one of the original ideas of Viggo Einfeldt. This version of cot is a classic and timeless. The table can have 4 positions according to the child's age: Phase 1: cot with two bars and the mattress raised floor.

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