Convertible learning Tower Trotta - Micuna

Convertible learning Tower Trotta - Micuna

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The TROTTA evolutionary and transformable learning tower will be of great help in the first years of the child's life. In the stage of greatest interest and curiosity, TROTTA will help them to reach those places of difficult access such as the kitchen counter, helping the child to be more autonomous, following the Montessori philosophy. It has handles to carry it easily and when it is no longer used as a learning tower, it can be used as a shelf. Its finishes prevent the child from being injured, it has no screws or bolts in which it can get stuck.

The Trotta learning tower has 4 main uses:

1. SCALE. In the first position, Trotta is a three-step ladder, perfect for little adventurers. The lower step can be closed when not needed to free up space in the room.

2. TWO POSITIONS. The second position is designed to accompany the child during growth. Thanks to the innovative guide system, its functionality can be changed through very simple and intuitive movements, and without the need for tools. With a simple slip, the highest step becomes a hidden step, reducing the height of the staircase.

3. It is also a SEAT, placing the upper step in the back position.

4. LEARNING. Its sides contain a fun game thanks to which the child can discover the letters, numbers and basic geometric shapes, following them with the ball to approach drawing and writing with his learning times

Dimensions: 44 x 46.5 x h91 cm

Materials: pine wood, lacquered MDF