Luxe waterproof mat  - Toddlekind

Luxe waterproof mat - Toddlekind

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Made by the German brand Toddlekind, this play mat with double quilt will transform any space giving elegance, but also safety for the child! Made externally in 100% organic cotton and certified by European and US safety standards, it is a totally safe product for the child because it is non-toxic and of high quality! With a waterproof center, your baby can have fun even without diapers, this modern, washable double-sided rug ensures safe and comfortable play on the floor.

This playmat will also absorb all the hits! Perfect for playing on your lap, standing or sitting!

Age: From birth

Material: 100% organic cotton outer layer

Dimensions: 123 cm

Non-toxic and safe, Waterproof

Compliant with: EU and US safety standards

Made in Germany

Care: easy to clean with a damp cloth, machine washable