Low Bunk Bed Seaside Lille+ - Oliver Furniture

Low Bunk Bed Seaside Lille+ - Oliver Furniture

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Oliver Furniture creates wooden furniture for the ever-evolving modern family.

The company made sure that small modifications were enough to ensure that a single bed could become a bunk bed, or that the latter could be transformed into a simple and modern sofa.

The products are tested to last for several generations. The style is based on a simple, artisanal and high quality aesthetic, based on an unmistakable Nordic design. All Oliver Furniture lines are FSC certified: this means that the origin of European cultivation in sustainable conditions has been verified.

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Seaside Lille+ low bunk bed is designed to accommodate the need for a quality solution in a small children’s room. With its generous measurements but small stature, Lille+ low bunk bed is ideal in the smaller children’s room and will ensure a safe and secure environment for the small child. Lille+ low bunk bed is designed to accommodate the need to sleep two in a small children’s bedroom.

Lille+ low bunk bed suits siblings who have grown out of the cot bed’s safe embrace but sleep best with a nightlight and a brother or sister close by. The bed represents a stylish centrepiece for the children’s room and offers, in its well-conceived design, room for both big personalities and small sleeping hearts. Lille+ low bunk bed can also be equipped with a cosy roof top with textiles available in different colours.

Lille+ beds are smaller in both width and length than regular Seaside Collection beds and are ideal in a children's bedroom. Oeko-Tex certified cold foam mattresses are also available. The ladder can be mounted on both sides of the bed.

Dimensions: 74 x 174 x h136 cm

Mattress dimensions (not included): 68 x 168 

Material: solid birch wood

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