Down and feathers Duvet  single bed - Noble Goose

Down and feathers Duvet single bed - Noble Goose

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Why natural padding? Scientists have proven that synthetic bedding is no safer for allergy sufferers than down bedding, even for those who are allergic to this allergen.

This duvet is obtained using a method certified in accordance with the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) which confirms that the duvet manufacturer operates in compliance with the standard governing responsible down production.These regulations are specifically intended to ensure the welfare of farm animals. Unfortunately, practices of this type are not obvious and little observed outside Europe.

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A little history... or what was it like?

Feather and down pillows and duvets began to be produced many years ago, soon after people started keeping ducks and geese in their homes. The reason was that they soon recognized the excellent thermal properties of feathers and down. Feathers and down were obtained from farm-raised birds. Feathers and down were sorted by hand, usually during long evenings when there was no farm work to do. This was most often done by women - housewives - who created a specific atmosphere at the time full of chatter and gossip about everyday life.

Feathers or down?

Down, often referred to as natal down, is a natural raw material of the highest quality. It is characterized by exceptional lightness and softness. It creates a sort of air barrier that has excellent thermal insulation parameters and ensures excellent air circulation.

The duvet is therefore the layer of down that covers the birds in their first development, which is found under the external feathers, guaranteeing the highest possible physical parameters (thermal insulation and vapor permeability).

Feathers are also a natural raw material of avian origin. However, they are characterized by a different structure and thermal parameters.

A feather quilt or pillow is not filled with down but with small, less resistant and heavier feathers.

Down definitely provides more sleeping comfort than feathers. It is not just a question of physical parameters (difficult to verify without a laboratory) but of empirical sensations. Down gives the impression of being more resistant, with a uniform and smooth structure, in which the individual micro feathers are almost imperceptible. In the case of feathers, however, the sharp points of the feathers can be felt by touch. This can be quite uncomfortable when you press your face against the pillow. A down-filled cushion, on the other hand, is almost completely free from this phenomenon.

What are Noble Goose duvets and pillows made of? The outer material is 100% cotton.

Inside it is lined with a further layer of a suitable film to create a non-slip coating to prevent the feather from penetrating the fabric towards the outside. All edges are finished with a special trimming which guarantees durability and also gives an aesthetic and pleasant appearance. The duvets also have a structural design consisting of numerous pockets on the inside which prevent the duvet from moving within the comforter. This provides a uniform thermal characteristic over the entire surface of the duvet. The padding is in high quality goose down of European origin, subjected to an appropriate process of washing, dusting and removal of microorganisms and allergens.

Made in the EU

Material: Cotton Lining; filler: goose down