Wallpaper Curiosa - Arcadia - Arte

Wallpaper Curiosa - Arcadia - Arte

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Indulge your interiors wanderlust with the new Arte Curiosa collection. Exoticism has an enchanting affect. Wild animals, tropical flowers and indigenous cultures have intrigued us for centuries. We want to know everything about them and ideally get to see them in real life. With the Curiosa collection by Arte, there is no need to leave home to set off on a voyage of discovery. Curiosities are more popular than ever. More and more people are making their homes a mini museum packed with curiosities, special souvenirs and vintage posters. Arte has been inspired by exotic trinkets, animals and natural features, so you can go on a discovery adventure in your own home.

Parrots look beautiful in their natural surroundings, where their colours can really be shown off to the best effect. The birds of paradise flowers in Arcadia provide the perfect finishing touch

The Curiosa collection was designed for everyone who has had enought of sensible wallpaper and safe interior design. The collection is full of big designs with worldly influences. From naughty monkeys to exuberant chinoiserie, all the prints are playful yet stylish. These are dramatic drawings with every detail spot - on and in unexpected colour combinations. One thing is for sure: nobody wil be left unmoved by them.

Size: 1 x 10,05 mt

Fillet: 90 cm

Material: Vynil