Lilipinso Wallpaper Decor - Through the Fields

Lilipinso Wallpaper Decor - Through the Fields

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Lilipinso cultivates a special passion for furniture and beautiful things. His collections are distinguished by the variety of styles in the catalogue. Classics with an unusual taste, in a sophisticated mix of essentiality and original creations that follow the latest trends.

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This type of decoration consists of a strip of wallpaper printed on non-woven paper in digital printing, a material that is placed halfway between the paper and the fabric, strong and durable.

Instructions: the product consists of 2 rolls, each of which contains 4 panels of 50 x 248 cm to be assembled together.

Then proceed by cutting the panels along the dotted lines, observe the order of the panels during installation, center the drawing based on the height of the wall and follow the installation instructions attached to install the wallpaper.