Zig & go Culbuto, 7 pieces  - Djeco

Zig & go Culbuto, 7 pieces - Djeco

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A game of chain reactions, reflection and wooden construction to complete the Zig & Go collection. Children add this accessory to build their own path or imagine others endlessly. The packs of this game (for ages 8 and up) are compatible with each other, to create even more ingenious action-reaction paths!

Construction game: test your skill to arrange the various elements and form a path. Chain Reaction Game: Children discover the ingenuity and magic of different chain reactions! Reflection game: study the speed that varies according to weight and evaluate the distances that separate the various elements. A step-by-step instruction booklet with 3 templates to guide children in creating the route. Read the QR code to watch the video. Imagine an infinite number of routes and hours of fun! For one or more players. Colorful, quality wooden elements..

Contents: 1 wooden construction game made up of 14 elements, including 4 metal marbles. 1 8-page instruction booklet included.

Age: 8-99 years.

Package width: 32.5 cm Package height: 24.5 cm Package depth: 5.5 cm