Mix 10 pieces wild flower seeds - Blossombs

Mix 10 pieces wild flower seeds - Blossombs

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Blossombs was founded by Daisy de Bruijn and Geerten van Eldik, with the aim of making biodiversity fun and accessible for everyone.

They are shocked by the bee and butterfly deaths in the world. Butterflies, bees and bumblebees have a hard time due to a shortage of flowers, so they thought they had to do something about that.

And that’s how Blossombs’ flower ‘bombs’ were born. Colourful, packaged as nice gifts, 100% safe, suitable for both adults and children.

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Nice to hand out, to make your own presents or to just throw out as much as possible in the urban areas for more color and therefore more flowers in your neighborhood!

Help butterflies and bees and bring color to your neighborhood!

With the cheerfully colored seed ‘bombs’ from Blossombs you create a true sea of flowers and food paradise for bees and butterflies. Throw the Blossombs anywhere you want flowers; in the garden, on the balcony or a vacant piece of land, wait for the rain (or use a watering can) and after a few weeks you, the bee and the butterflies will enjoy the most colorful flowers!

Made in the Netherlands with organic wild flower seeds and natural clay, nutrients and color pigments.

Blossombs can be thrown outdoors at any time of the year. The seeds will germinate in the Spring. Flowering time: April to October

Bring color to your world!