Wooden animal apartment - Trixie

Wooden animal apartment - Trixie

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Trixie Baby is a company that is inspired by the infinite imagination of the child: from the newborn to the adolescent, children have an immense imagination, which they use to discover the world around them.

The goal is to create products that can take flight to the imagination of the child. 

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Our animal friends come together in a cosy apartment! Each animal has its little home, marked by a colourful window sill.  The simple style of the apartment invites children to let their own creativity take over. The apartment and the thick wooden animals are perfect for playing out wild stories and adventures created by boundless imagination.  The animal apartment is made of 100% FSC© certified wood. All paints on this product are water-based, safe for children and non-toxic.  

Dimension: 18 x 4 x20,5 cm