Glass beads pictures, wonderland - Djeco

Glass beads pictures, wonderland - Djeco

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4 fairy themed images to complete with beads. The child puts glue on the area to be decorated, then sprinkles and scatters the beads. The illustrations shine with a thousand lights!
Sunken areas to stop the scattering of the pearls. Sparkling pearls take imagery to the next level. A new and fun way to work with beads. 1 step-by-step detailed instruction booklet.

Contents: 4 illustrated cards (15 x 20 cm), 16 tubes of beads, 3 tubes of glue, 1 brush, 4 wooden sticks, 3 plastic trays, 1 plastic card, 1 step-by-step instruction booklet in color.

Age: 7-12

Package width: 21.5 cm Package height: 21.5 cm Package depth: 4 cm