Sculpture, the swan - Djeco

Sculpture, the swan - Djeco

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A package to discover the art of sculpture by making a swan like a master! Guided by the cardboard template, the children create the contours of the animal with the metal wire and then place the creation on the appropriate base. To give shape to the structure, they overlap layers of aluminum which they then cover with printed adhesive tape. After placing the last few stickers, they shape the animal to create the look they want and paint it to protect it. Each creation is unique, all that remains is to put it on display. What pride for children to make a sculpture from A to Z!

An introduction to sculpture. The wonder of children who create a volume using simple aluminum sheets. The freedom in this activity makes each creation a unique object! Children are proud to exhibit their work! 1 instruction booklet explaining the activity point by point. 1 box with elastic closure to store all the elements once the activity is finished.

Contents: 1 shaped cardboard support, 1 base, 1 roll of aluminum, 1 roll of aluminum foil, 3 rolls of adhesive tape, 1 sticker sheet, 1 tube of glue, 1 brush, 1 protective sheet, 1 color detailed instruction booklet.
Age: 8-14

Product width: 16 cm Product height: 18 cm Product depth: 8 cm