Factory art and technology, way up high - Djeco

Factory art and technology, way up high - Djeco

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Factory, a line to discover technology through creative fun. A package with which the children create three beautiful paintings set at the Luna Park that light up. With the conductive adhesive tape the children trace the electrical circuits and then add the battery and the LEDs following the steps described in the instruction booklet. Then they personalize the work with the numerous accessories provided. What magic! With contact, the paintings light up and become interactive thanks to the ingenious switch system. Once they have learned the technique, the children begin to experiment on their own by imagining new circuits on the bonus board included in the kit.

Easily create an electrical circuit with copper adhesive tape and LEDs. The rides light up thanks to an ingenious switch system. A detailed instruction booklet presents the stages of implementation step by step and gives advice to overcome any difficulties. A video tutorial is available by scanning the QR code of the booklet. Bonus: a blank picture to let children experiment with their own circuits! Numerous accessories included to decorate the paintings: stickers, decals and transparent plastic elements. Bricolage and experiments to stimulate children's ingenuity and sensitivity. Factory, a collection to discover technology through creative fun with accessible and fun kits!

Contents: 3 billboards, 1 sticker card, 1 decal card, colored acetate sheets, 5m copper-coated conductive adhesive tape, 12 yellow LEDs, 3 CR2032 button cells, 1 detailed instruction booklet. / p>

Age: 8+

Package width: 29.5 cm Package height: 21.5 cm Package depth: 3.5 cm