Creat with stamps Pattern and animals - Djeco

Creat with stamps Pattern and animals - Djeco

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An unprecedented box of animal-themed stamps where children compose motifs to decorate the mantle of these wild beasts. Kids match motifs and position them precisely thanks to transparent stamps, allowing them to always see what they are creating. As the creation progresses, the animals are decorated with delicate and graphic ornaments.

Transparent stamps to position motifs precisely. 1 heavy and thick positioning block to leave the impression without moving. 1 cleaning mat for maintenance of accessories. 4 ultra-washable ink colors, 1 of which is gold. 1 box with elastic closure to store the material once the activity is finished. 1 explanatory booklet describes the activity step by step.

Contents: 4 paintings to complete (20 x 20 cm), 1 sheet of soft and transparent stamps, 1 clear acrylic positioning block, 1 cleaning mat, 4 inks (black, blue, red, gold), 1 step-by-step color booklet.
Age: 7-12

Package width: 23.5 cm Package height: 23 cm Package depth: 4 cm