Coloured sand Sea light - Djeco

Coloured sand Sea light - Djeco

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4 paintings on the theme of underwater life to color with colored and phosphorescent sands. The children put the painting in the box, reveal the pre-glued areas with the special tool and then sprinkle them with sand following the color code indicated in the booklet. Once the paintings are on display, what a surprise at nightfall: the illustrations are visible in the dark!

Thanks to the phosphorescent sands, sea creatures are visible in the dark! 1 smart tool created by Djeco to easily remove glued parts. A clean activity: children work in the box to avoid scattering the sand. A clever kit in which the box has a small hole to collect the excess sand and pour it into the wide opening jars. 1 box with elastic closure to store the material once the activity is finished. 1 explanatory booklet describes the activity step by step.

Contents: 4 partially illustrated and pre-glued cards (20 x 20 cm), 12 jars of colored sand, 6 of which are phosphorescent, 1 plastic utensil, 1 step-by-step explanatory booklet in color.
Age: 5 -8

Package width: 23.5 cm Package height: 23 cm Package depth: 4 cm