Little cooperation - Djeco

Little cooperation - Djeco

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A cooperative game specially designed for toddlers aged 2 and a half and up. On the pack ice the 4 little animals try to return to their igloo. To win, you have to help them cross the ice bridge before it collapses, following the directions on the dice. You win if all the animals are saved!
A first collaborative game to learn how to win or lose all together. Develop a sense of cooperation, team spirit and the ability to communicate. Cute characters in the shape of animals to involve children in the story of the game. Solid quality material that is easy to handle for little hands: large dice, thick cardboard, soft plastic characters. Simple and easy to understand rules. The duration of the game is short because it is adapted to the concentration of the little ones. For moments of exchange and complicity between adults and children.

Contents: 2 “pack ice” floors (departure and arrival), 1 cardboard bridge, 6 wooden pillars, 4 soft plastic figures (arctic hare, polar bear, arctic fox, penguin), 1 wooden die. Game rules in 10 languages.

Players from 2 to 4
Age 2,5-5

Package width: 21.5 cm Package height: 21.5 cm Package depth: 5 cm