Fée Toibelle - Djeco

Fée Toibelle - Djeco

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A collectible and memory game in which 4 beautiful fairies are invited to the grand castle ball. But before leaving in the carriage to go dancing under the stars, each one must retrieve the crown, the necklace, the fan and the handbag. The first one who finds her accessories and a carriage to go to the castle wins the game.
Game to exercise memory by remembering the accessories on the board. Always different games because the tokens change places every time!

Contents: 1 game board, 20 tokens, 4 cards, 4 pieces and 1 wooden die. Game rules in 10 languages.

Players from 2 to 4
Age 5-8

Package width: 21.5 cm Package height: 21.5 cm Package depth: 4 cm