Big Pirate - Djeco

Big Pirate - Djeco

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A game of action and strategy. The companions land on the island of the great pirate to steal his treasure. But the pirate doesn't want to know and is determined to catch them before they set sail ... The pirate wins the game if he gets rid of all his companions. The companions win if they manage to take a chest each!

A semi-cooperative game: one player plays the pirate, the others play mates! Easy to handle figurines and an awesome pirate!

Contents: 1 game board, 7 palm trees, 13 cards, 1 pirate figurine, 3 shipmate figurines, 3 chests, 1 large plastic pirate die and 1 small wooden companion die of ship. Game rules in 10 languages.
Age: 5-9

Package width: 30 cm Package height: 28 cm Package depth: 6.5 cm