Alien cafè  - Djeco

Alien cafè - Djeco

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A cooperative game in which players become waiters at the Alien Café, the galaxy's most famous fast food restaurant. Each player places the "customer" and "order" tiles on their board, being careful to follow the rules for placing them down. At the end of the round, when the hourglass runs out, everyone wins if each player has 10 points on their table. So you have to be collaborative, fast and make no mistakes, because customers from the four corners of the Universe are demanding!

Tiles with more constraints add difficulty to the game. 4 difficulty levels to spice things up! Possibility to play at 2 different levels of difficulty. A cooperative game to teach players to win or lose together.

Contents: 4 scoreboards, 104 cards, 2 cloth bags and 1 hourglass. Game rules in 10 languages.
Age: 7-99

Package width: 30 cm Package height: 28 cm Package depth: 4 cm