Chop chop - Djeco

Chop chop - Djeco

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A semi-collaborative tactical game where all the mice play together against the cat. The cat wants to catch the 4 mice, and the mice want to eat the 10 pieces of cheese… but in this competition, there is only one winner! The actions follow each other with each roll of the dice and each tile turned on the board, which can hide a piece of cheese or a special action to be performed.

Game awarded Best Family Game at the 2019 Imagination Gaming Awards in the UK. A game of cooperation and attack. The mice play together against the cat! The layout of the tiles on the board changes with each game.

Contents: 1 game board, 38 tiles, 1 cat and 4 plastic mice, 1 table and 2 wooden dice. Game rules in 10 languages.
Age: 6-99

Package width: 30 cm Package height: 28 cm Package depth: 4 cm