Eduludo Coloformix- Djeco

Eduludo Coloformix- Djeco

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What shape can you find in the image? Of circles? What color are they? Green, pink and yellow. Identify the shapes and colors in the card illustrations and complete the board. Turn the card over to see the solution.

Helps develop an understanding of basic shapes and colors, as well as easily recognize and name them. The game is based on the type of dual function card used in kindergartens. Solutions are provided on the back of the cards so that children can correct their own puzzles. Very detailed game rules to help parents set up the activity more easily. In 10 languages.

Age: +3 - 6

Contents: 1 wooden board, 20 challenge cards with solutions on the back and 13 wooden tokens. Game rules in 10 languages.

Product width: 20 cm Product height: 20 cm

Package width: 21.5 cm Package height: 21.5 cm Package depth: 3 cm