Pearls and figurines - Djeco- Djeco

Pearls and figurines - Djeco- Djeco

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"Perles et puces" is a complete package that contains a myriad of wooden beads and accessories to create pretty jewels. An elaborate assortment of colored wooden beads that allows you to always have harmonious results. Boys and girls thread pearls and accessories into threads to freely create pretty bracelets, necklaces and pendants. A myriad of beads and accessories. Create graceful jewelry in complete freedom. Hand-painted beads depicting the heads of different characters. An elaborate assortment of beads that allows you to always have a nice result. Ideas for creating simple and hookless jewels. Some examples are shown on the back of the package.

Contents: 4 packs of colored wooden beads (pink, dark pink, light blue, orange yellow), 3 large wooden decorated beads, 10 wooden beads with a depicted face, 2 pompom beads, 4 strands (pink, yellow, green , dark pink), many small accessories and 1 color booklet with different examples.

Age: 8-13 years
Package Width: 21cm Package Height: 24cm Package Depth: 2.5cm