Observation and memory game - moulin roty

Observation and memory game - moulin roty

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Beautiful observation and memory game!

The explorers will stop for the night. The field must be set up immediately before it gets dark!

The aim of the game is to set up the pitch first while there is still light.

Game content: 6 field boards, 60 item cards, 6 moon cards.

Course of the game: Each player chooses one or more court boards and places them in front of him. The players shuffle the item cards and moon cards and place them face down in the center. It is played in turns clockwise. The smallest player begins by uncovering a card: - If the object is present on one of his court boards, he places it on the board corresponding to the object and reveals another card. - If the object is not present in one of his court boards, he puts it back in the same covered place. - If the card features a moon, the player leaves the card face up in the center. The player has finished his turn and it's up to the next player to reveal a card.

End of the game: The first player to complete his court boards wins the game. However, if the 6 moon cards are revealed before a player has completed his court tables, the game ends without any player winning.

From 3 years old.

For 2 to 6 players.

Package dimensions: 19 x 19 cm.