Shadow puppets Little Red Riding Hood - Moulin roty

Shadow puppets Little Red Riding Hood - Moulin roty

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Ombre della Sera Little Red Riding Hood is a set to create shadows and tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood in a truly exciting shadow theater atmosphere.

It's dark and it's time to tell fairy tales. With these silhouettes we will be able to create shadows and stories on the bedroom wall.

The shadows of the evening develop the imagination and the narrative ability .. Profiles are used to create Chinese shadows and tell billions of stories!

A magnificent retro-inspired universe to dream, invent, tell… with amazement in your eyes!

A magnificent universe of retro inspiration to dream and fantasize and bring children closer to the magical world of the theater.

A white veil, a lamp and the music and Shadows of the Evening Little Red Riding Hood by Moulin Roty will do the rest to create magical and medieval atmospheres!

All you need is a lamp and a little imagination

Each shape is made of black laser-cut cardboard glued on wooden sticks.

Lamp NOT included in the package

For 3 years.

The package contains: 8 silhouettes: Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, the grandmother, the bed, the house, the forest

Technical description

Material: cardboard, wooden sticks in a paper bag.

Dimensions: 24 x 21 cm.