Moulin Roty Colours Game - Les Popipop

Moulin Roty Colours Game - Les Popipop

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Once upon a time in the village of Moulin Roty, a group of friends who had decided to live and work together. Moulin Roty is first and foremost: "Yesterday's toys for today's children", a concept that has evolved to become "Children's Memory".

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Ideal for learning colors and stimulating memory, this Moulin Roty color game combines concentration and analysis skills. From the age of 3, your child will have fun recreating the rainbow before collecting 5 clouds.

This game consists of a game board, 14 colored pawns and 5 clouds pawns, 7 rainbow rays, 5 clouds and a bag of cloth. Your child will learn to recognize the colors of the world around him and will stimulate his motor skills by handling the different pieces.

Two rules of the game allow you to make your child's memory work by taking up the basics of the memory game or leave room for chance by blindly collecting the pieces in the bag. This educational game suitable for children can be taken anywhere to enjoy family fun for up to 4 players. 

Data sheet

Height: 26 cm

Width: 26 cm

Material: Cardboard

Depth: 3 cm

Age: +3 years