Small vintage-style metal top - Moulin roty

Small vintage-style metal top - Moulin roty

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Once upon a time in the village of Moulin Roty, a group of friends who had decided to live and work together. Moulin Roty is first and foremost: "Yesterday's toys for today's children", a concept that has evolved to become "Children's Memory".

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Small vintage-style metal top: spin and whistle!

This little metal spinning top is illustrated with cartoon-style images on the theme of jungle animals! Zimba the blue panther is sleeping and the bird Paloma is playing! Easily handled, its movement will fascinate the little ones who will exercise their motor skills by making it rotate.

Spin the top, spin it as hard as you can and hear the sound it emits.

Presented in an illustrated cardboard box.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 cm

For 2 years.