N° 74 Mom Multi Bag

N° 74 Mom Multi Bag

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It all began when Poupy Sfez (a Frenchman with a passion for travelling in blood) set off on a trip to Thailand in search of new ideas and cultures. After falling in love with that land, she decided together with her Italian cousin Nancy to combine their creativity with local skills and passion to create a new project: that's how Number 74 was born.

The beautiful collection develops between traditional and contemporary design. All pieces are handmade by communities of women working in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Created with passion and love, each product is made in an extremely skillful and careful way down to the smallest detail: wonderful gifts that will please the whole family! 


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A handbag practical and useful for moms who know how to organize themselves bringing you need for your child / a at the time of walking and travel. In soft organic cotton to 'external and washable material all' inside, with numerous pockets, where they serve hinges, handles and shoulder strap fabric in a fabric that you can put on and take off thanks to the carabiner. With a touch of elegance with its gold ciuffeti on the hinges. And 'possible to add a kit (not included) for mothers with babies with an extra pocket, a changing table and straps to attach the bag to the stroller.

Data sheet

Height: 30 cm

Width: 12 cm

Length: 40 cm

Material: 100% organic cotton