Set of 3 round tin boxes - Thornback & Peel - LCS

Set of 3 round tin boxes - Thornback & Peel - LCS

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Juliet Thornback and Delia Peel met in 2003. While retaining their daily work as a florist (Thornback) and stage designer (Peel), they entered into a collaboration and in 2007 founded Thornback & Peel in London to create beautiful pieces for the home. . They soon emerged with their unmistakable style. Borrowing images that play on artistic traditions, they have modernist geometric patterns with 19th-century wood carvings. Their work is inspired by an eclectic blend of Victoriana, Mrs Beeton's house management, Mr McGregor's garden, 17th century microscopic images of the natural world, Norfolk and Devon. Thornback & Peel is a celebration of the eccentricity of British humor and design.

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Set of three round tin boxes from the "Thornback & Peel - Farm" line, depicting, the large, rabbit and cabbage, the medium, blackbird and bramble, and the small, chicken and carnation, on an ivory background, with a design that is very reminiscent Provençal style.

The set consists of three boxes, large, medium and small, with their respective depictions.

Line very suitable for the kitchen. Created by designer Thornback & Peel.

Great as a gift idea or to use as a container for anything, but also to beautify your home.

Rabbit and cabbage (large) - D.25 cm x H.14.5 cm

Blackbird and bramble (medium) - D.22.5 cm x H.12 cm

Chicken and carnation (small) - D.19.5 x H.9.5 cm