Backpack Miss Gadget - Jeune Premiere

Backpack Miss Gadget - Jeune Premiere

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Jeune Premier is a young Belgian brand launched by Hélène Fransen in 2012.

Backpacks are highly appreciated by children for their bright colors and imaginative designs.

Parents, on the other hand, appreciate them for their high quality.

Jeune Premier children's briefcases are made of a high-quality linen material with imitation leather trim.

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Trendy schoolbag for children from 6 to 8 years old

This midi “it-bag” is a real back-to-school essential. The bags were inspired by the leather school bags from the old days but with all the modern functionalities that make them timeless classics.

External water bottle holder. The bottom is finished with a high-quality mesh, so that water can conveniently drain away in the event of a leak

Recommended age: 6-8 years

Dimension: W. 38 cm x D. 14,5 cm x H. 30 cm; Weight: 900.0 g; Volume: 16.5 Lt

2 magnetic ergonomic locks that open with 1 simple movement. Close it by simply dropping the flap. The flap finds its way back automatically and falls back into the lock.

Water- and dirt-repellent 360D polyester 

Material: 900 D polyester with a Teflon coating. All products are 100% vegan

Lining: the specific weave and thickness of the polyester give the bag strength and durability, while the Teflon coating allows the rain to slide off our bags like water off a duck.

Maintenance: Our technical materials allow you to make the bag like new again in no time with the Jeune Premier Cleaner on a white cloth!

Adjustable backstraps 

The big advantage of this midi backpack is its shape. As the bag is rectangular and pre-shaped, all books and their covers are nicely organized and protected, and all school materials stay in great shape.