Il cioccolato di Titina e Pigo - Educational kit - Chocolate for family

Il cioccolato di Titina e Pigo - Educational kit - Chocolate for family

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THE Cocciolato di Titina e Pigo – EDUCATIONAL KIT is a box containing the book”, illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone: Pigo and Titina everything happened one morning”, 12 chocolates and 32 bars of chocolate to taste.


In this kit, the child begins a journey into the world of cocoa and its transformation into chocolate, up to a conscious and fun tasting. A real journey designed for children, who will have fun discovering the tastes and sensations of each different tablet created for them.

INGREDIENTS: Vietnam cocoa mass, sucrose sugar, cocoa butter. May contain nuts and gluten.

Who loves to discover and experiment more than children? Even more if the world of chocolate is to be discovered, that's why the idea of ​​COCCIOLATO was born!

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Cocciolato is a journey that accompanies them in the discovery of chocolate, travel companions Titina and Pigo, illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone, two nice characters who will be able to give children a unique experience, in which they will appreciate the taste of a different chocolate from what they usually know, which focuses on the quality of cocoa and its growers. They will have fun discovering and getting to know different types of chocolate, each with its own natural aromatic note that differentiates it, and they will do so by fully immersing themselves in the tasty world of chocolate, made up of curiosity, culture and of course tasting!!< /p>

Cocciolato represents an experience of taste, where carefully selected cocoa beans are processed in an artisanal way in order to enhance their aromatic notes. With the tasting they will learn to refine their palate, to train it and to fully experience the flavors they will encounter, a sweet way to teach children the pleasure of discovering new flavors and a tool for us parents to educate them about a healthy and quality diet .

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CHOCOLATES USED We select the best cocoa beans directly from small producers or their cooperatives in order to have the rarest raw material available, with different characteristics from standard cocoa We roast the beans with absolute attention in order to preserve and enhance their aroma The entire manufacturing process is carried out by us in an artisanal way. In addition to cocoa, we also select all the other ingredients in a sustainable and quality-conscious manner. Such as Italian milk from the Alps, Piedmont hazelnuts, Bourbon vanilla and Italian sugar