BIBS x LIBERTY Colour 2 Chamomile Lawn - Baby Blue Mix

BIBS x LIBERTY Colour 2 Chamomile Lawn - Baby Blue Mix

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From birth, babies have a natural sucking reflex. The baby tries to satisfy this need with the mother's breast, pacifier, thumb or something else. It is not only a vital reflex for the baby to obtain food, but sucking also has a calming effect on the baby, because it reminds him of something safe and familiar in an otherwise foreign world.

Advantages of using a pacifier:

helps to calm and reassure the baby and can therefore help him to fall asleep.

helps reduce heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels.

has a pain-relieving effect, comforts the child and gives him security when he gets angry

has a protective effect on the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)*.

The cherry teat resembles the shape and size of the mother's soft nipple and promotes a tongue positioning and sucking technique similar to that of breastfeeding, as the round shape allows the sides of the tongue to rise and to wrap around the teat. The teat is equipped with a valve that lets the air out when the baby closes his mouth around the teat.

This ventilation system causes the air inside the teat to be pushed out through the valve, thus flattening the teat so that it adapts naturally to the baby's oral cavity.

The valve is also the reason why water may be present inside the teat after cleaning and sterilization. In this case, just squeeze it to release the excess water.

The BIBS Color pacifier is the original BIBS pacifier, on the market for over 40 years. It has the characteristic BIBS round shield with three ventilation holes and the round ring handle with BIBS engraving.

MATERIALS Shield: food-grade polypropylene Teats: natural rubber latex (since natural rubber latex is a natural material, color variations may occur)

Complies with the European standard EN 1400+ A2.

Before first use

Remember to sterilize the pacifiers when you remove them from the packaging!

To do this, you need to immerse the pacifiers in plenty of boiling water for 5 minutes.

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