Elastic bib Carnevale di Venezia Party - Zac 4 kids

Elastic bib Carnevale di Venezia Party - Zac 4 kids

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The Zac 4 Kids collection dedicated to theCarnival in Venice, not only drawings but a real fascinating story!

"The Venice Carnival is very old: it has been celebrated for 900 years!

"Good morning siora màscara!".Here is the greeting of the Carnival!

Under the Bauta you play hide and seek! Where am I? And where are you?

The Face is the mask of the gluttonous. Under its beak you can drink and eat as much as you can!

There are two of Zanni: the smart one and the dumb one. To distinguish them look at their nose!

The Moretta is a silent mask. It stands up with a button to squeeze between your teeth! Beware of Mattaccino! This rascal throws eggs to the ladies.

Pantalone, Harlequin and Colombina. What a trio! They love and hate each other ... but in the end it's all a game! "

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Large bib in double layer of cotton. The elastic around the neck develops children's autonomy, making it very easy to put it on and take it off.

Party is one of the patterns of the Venice Carnival Collection: Arlecchino, Pantalone, Colombina, the Gondoliere are all ready for the masquerade party!

The back of the bib in ocher yellow recalls the elegant Venetian velvets.

We only use certified oeko-tex 100-1 cotton suitable for the most sensitive skin of children.

The bibs are 100% Made in Italy: they are sewn and packaged by a social cooperative of women in Tuscany.

Size: 34x34 cm