Elastic bib Palio di Siena Porcupine - Zac 4 kids

Elastic bib Palio di Siena Porcupine - Zac 4 kids

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The Zac 4 Kids collection dedicated to the Palio di Siena, not just drawings but a real fascinating story!

"Even in the great family of the Palio di Siena there is a grandmother and it is the Contrada that has not won the Palio for several years.

Do the Goose, why not! The most victorious Contrada of all time is precisely this: the Goose.

The Handkerchief: Every inhabitant of Siena owns a handkerchief with the colors of his Contrada and jealously guards it for life!

La Montura: This is the name of the costume with the colors of the Contrada.

Each Contrada is a world apart! With his hymn, a baptism for his children, a New Year's Eve, a patron saint ... and much more.

Not all districts participate in the Palio! Each time only 10 Contradas run out of the 17 total. "

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Large bib in double layer of cotton. The elastic around the neck develops children's autonomy, making it very easy to put it on and take it off.

Porcupine is one of the characters of the Palio di Siena Collection, have fun discovering all the animals of the Contrade!

The back of the bib is mustard yellow, a bright color that enhances the figure.

Only certified oeko-tex 100-1 cotton suitable for the most sensitive skin of children.

The bibs are 100% Made in Italy: they are sewn and packaged by a social cooperative of women in Tuscany.

Size: 34x34 cm