Moulin Roty Boxset Birth - Les Moustaches

Moulin Roty Boxset Birth - Les Moustaches

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Once upon a time in the village of Moulin Roty, a group of friends who had decided to live and work together. Moulin Roty is first and foremost: "Yesterday's toys for today's children", a concept that has evolved to become "Children's Memory".

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Discover the poetic and tender world of Les Moustaches!

This beautiful, sweetly coloured birth box, it opens like a book thanks to a small bow lace located on the side. On the left page there is a family tree to be completed with family photos and a large envelope to store cards and greeting cards. On the right page there are 12 picture boxes with characters from the collection waiting to receive the treasures of babies, such as his first strand of hair, his pacifier, his first words ...

Ideal for a birth gift, it will be perfectly placed on a dresser or a bookcase to decorate the baby's room with tenderness. It has an envelope-shaped card to write down the name of the baby. All of your baby's memories will be preciously preserved to show them to him when he is older.

Italian language!

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Height: 29 cm

Width: 23 cm

Material: Cardboard

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