Musical cushion - Moulin roty

Musical cushion - Moulin roty

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Mouse-shaped pink musical cushion 37 cm high.

The mouse is very soft with some embroidery details.

On the one hand it is pink and on the other it is ocher - a sweet companion for the baby and helps him fall asleep.

A sweet Japanese melody plays by pulling the string on the tail.

To be placed immediately in the cradle or bed to accompany the baby in the world of dreams, gently lulled by the melody. Made with top quality materials and finished down to the smallest detail. I

The mix of fabrics offers sensory pleasure for the baby as he plays and cuddles this adorable mouse.

Great for developing baby's touch, sight and hearing.

The music box is hidden in a pocket with velcro closure - therefore easy to remove before washing the puppet.

The beak is fixed - therefore easy to hang.

"Apres la Pluie" After the Rain is a new collection by Moulin Roty imagined by Lucille Michieli. Inspired by childhood memories, the characters embody gentle spirits who come to take refuge under the sheets after a walk in the forest. A dream collection transported by quality natural colors and materials such as linen and organic cotton.

Measurements: 37 cm

Age: 0+ months