Outdoor swing - Lillagunga

Outdoor swing - Lillagunga

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This delicious classic chocolate brown walnut is beautiful, extremely resistant and therefore very suitable for outdoor use. The swing is pre-assembled and ready for use. Height adjustment is simple and convenient. This swing combined with the Lillagunga Tree Kit makes this perfect solution for outdoor swing.

Age: 3-14 years

Use: internal and external

Capacity: maximum weight 70 kg.

Weight: gross: 1830 g Net: 1520 g

Materials: Wood: oil-treated walnut, Rope: polypropylene, Swivels: stainless steel (AISI 316)

Room height: M 2 - 2.8 m / L 2.8 - 3.8 m / XL 3.8 - 4.8 m

Included: wooden seat, four rope closures, two swivels and two ropes.

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